Beeswax. A gift of the hive

   Noted as the world's only natural and renewable wax, beeswax has been used across many generations in a multitude of ways, ranging from skincare to healthcare to food preparation and so much more. As a candle, beeswax is dense and burns brighter and stronger than those made of other waxes, emitting light on the spectrum that of the sun. With its purifying properties, beeswax is capable of relieving allergy and asthma symptoms while pulling dust, molds, odors and toxins from the air. 
     Beeswax has many uses in cosmetics. When used on the skin beeswax soothes, hydrates, conditions and calms all while repairing damaged skin. It promotes the skin's regeneration process that diminishes the appearance of the signs of aging and creates a hydrating, long-lasting protective barrier against environment toxins. 
      Pure beeswax is known for its natural antifungal and antibacterial properties which helps reduce the risk of contamination and prevents the growth of fungi. Beeswax does not spoil or become rancid it can continue to be reused and reheated over and over again until it is spent. While beeswax does not expire it does "bloom" and which is actually a great indicator whether your beeswax is pure. The varying colors of beeswax, just like honey, all depends on the flowers in which the bees gathered pollen and nectar, the region in which the flowers were grown and the age of the bees.