The Charmer is We

Come and walk in the creek with me,

there's a patch of moss so you can dry your feet.

Under the laurels, we can sing we can dance.

Or perhaps you prefer silence,

Under her spell, in a trace?

You're enchanted by the empress, it's so easy to see,

it's all in your calmness; you're happy, you're free.

They call it The Charmer, and rightfully so,

tempted by her sweetness to just let it all go.

She's the flutter in the butters, ,the hum of the bees.

She's like the morning dew, or a nice cool breeze.

To put in plainly, she's the link to Mother Nature we so desperately need.

So let's search for ground scores, what you find, you keep.

But tonight we'll share a table and we will ALL eat. 

Because The Charmer is not I.

It is not just you.

It is not just me.

The Charmer is US.

The Charmer is WE. 

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